SaferPond Frequently Asked Questions

See below answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, send us an email or give us a call, we would be more than happy to help.

Why the SafaDeck™?

The SafaDeck™ is a high quality safety product. It's components are made of hard plastics and sturdy aluminum. It gives much more support than a net or cheaper plastics and can withstand the weight of a falling child. In short, there is no better pond safety product on the market.

How much does the SaferPond safety grid cost?

The SafaDeck™ system comes with many parts. Some may or may not be used depending upon the configuration of your pond. Cost also varies greatly with the size of the pond. The only way to give an accurate representation of the cost is if we have accurate information from a completed quote form

Can I install the safety grid myself?

Yes. The modular design of the SafaDeck™ system makes it easy to assemble in your pond using a few tools.

Check out our videos on YouTube that describe the tools and how the SafaDeck™ fits together.

Can the safety grid fit around the fountain in my pond?

Yes. The SafaDeck™ system is a hard plastic, but it can be cut to fit around objects in the pond, such as filtration systems, etc. The grid can also be cut to fit the outside contour of pond whether it is rectangular or curved in any way.

What types of pond bottoms can we protect?

Lined ponds and cement are best for the SafaDeck™. If your pond bottom is mud/dirt the legs will sink and the SafaDeck™ will become unstable. Therefore, we will only install in lined or cement ponds.

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